Trending Home Features Residential Home Builders can Guide you With

Looking to build a home that reflects your sense of style and life? Well, building residential homes is a dream of people, and planning to achieve it with no regrets is a task for residential home builders. The biggest benefit of constructing your residential home is you can add endless features and follow the trend as per your requirements. When it comes to dreaming homes we all have a particular picture in our minds, well Kimberlite Homes builds that image into reality. We know the trust and reliance you have to put in your custom home builders to get you the house of your dreams designed and built.

Families accumulate funds to focus on getting their residences built with innovation and complete commitment. Custom home builders help you browse through our unique designs for your dream residential house. Kimberlite Homes is your ideal choice because not all builders have in-house designing like them! From little elements to contemporary designs, classic architectural Kimberlite Homes has it all.

When it comes to constructing Residential homes here are some features you can consider and plan with residential home builders before mapping out your dream home design.

Incorporate Storage Rooms

Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and a place where you have a restful stay. After all, you spend so much time at your home and there is a lot that cannot fit into keeping your home at a minimalistic modern design which is why we encourage you to build small storage rooms. It helps sort the unwanted yet handy furniture, rugs, and other home decor essentials which are of use but won’t go with the design. It also lets you have a spacious area in your dream home without causing a chaotic mess.

Customized Built-Ins

One major benefit of building a custom residential home is ensuring you have ample storage space for your belongings. Unlike the ones which are already built, you have to compromise with storage units. Constructing a new residential house allows you to incorporate innovative and functional storage built-ins that fulfills the purpose and goes with the design

  • Shelve units for easy storage
  • Benches and Seating with concealed storage options.
  • Necessary space for intertwined cables and wires of electronic devices and units.

Smart Home Feature

Smart technology is there to simplify our daily routines and save us from minor hassles we encounter. Today’ homeowners are both active and busy and with technological advancements, residential homes incorporate smart home technology. You can involve a different home automation system installed for your security and convenience.

  • Install smart door locks, camera doorbell, surveillance cameras, security alarms for a better home security system
  • Get a smart programmable thermostat, smart lighting options, and appliances for easy home automation technology.
  • Station enough power outlets across the home with USB charging points. 

Luxury Space Rooms

Nowadays people build a bonus room in their house to make time at home worthwhile and enjoyable. This has recently come into trend and with custom-built homes, you get an opportunity to design it just the way you like. Some people are fond of fitness and thus love having a gym room, some people are fond of literature which is why they design a small library in their room with comfortable seating, some homeowners enjoy movie nights with which you can consider adding a media room with home theater and projector. 

If you are a social person and like enjoying a weekend party, get-togethers then you can have a room for such occasions with a pool table, bar stools, dart games, etc. Luxury or bonus rooms are the ones that go beyond the essential rooms and let you have a personal space in your dream house.

Outdoor Lounge Area

Many homeowners seek peace spending their time outdoors with a  beautiful landscape. While planning your home construct you can actually create an outdoor living space just as you like and enjoy yourself time sipping tea whilst having a view.

  • Outdoor dining area with comfy seating and table.
  • Outdoor fireplace and screen porch
  • Outdoor cooking area with smart appliances, kitchen cabinets to prep easy and quick meals. 

Easily Reachable Laundry Rooms

Many homeowners think of relocating their laundry rooms near to the main room. This helps manage day-to-day laundry tasks and get them done as quickly as possible. Laundry rooms are essential to plan because they include different water supply and washing machine placing to manage days of laundry. Hence having it near the kid’s room can be dangerous and near your living room can make it difficult to manage guests. Hence constructing a laundry room lets you manage laundry room tools and things like detergents, and other washing supplies.

Final Thoughts

There are endless home features that you can consider incorporating before mapping out your dream home. We can understand the struggle behind navigating likely trends and home features to enhance your house design. To ease this out we recommend you seek valuable advice from residential home builders who can plan these features out for your dream home. 

How To Reduce Construction Cost of Building A House – Kimberlite Homes

Estimating the overall cost of building construction is a complex process. A mismatch between anticipated costs and actual expenses can lead to project failures, whether it is a residential or a commercial property.
How much will your building or remodeling project cost? Probably less according to you! If you have decided to build your own house, here are some tips to reduce the cost to build a house without compromising comfort and beauty.

Couple with architect at construction site
  • Construction Lot: Choose a location with potential growth in the future, where lots are available at very low prices. The level of the plot which is much lower than the street level may invite additional costs because it will require a greater amount of material, thus, increasing construction costs. Select lots that are on the same level as the road.
  • Beware Budget Building Lots: Unless you plan to stay off the grid, the most economical building is with access to lots of electricity, gas and public water lines! Where will you build your new home? The cheapest building may not be very affordable.
  • Reclaimed Building Materials: Buy low-maintenance building materials. Work with your contractor to source the right materials at low prices including locally available bricks, cement, etc. Older or reclaimed materials may also be used, especially for stairs. For example, judicious selection of products, RCC door frame is much cheaper than wooden door frames.
  • Smart Technologies: Prefabrication is one of the latest technologies that is not only known to reduce manufacturing time but also guarantees savings. Hire reputable contractors who can help in this regard. Modern construction techniques are beneficial when it comes to achieving a greater percentage of accuracy.
  • Labor Cost Saving: Mostly, people like to add a great front elevation to give their house a rich look, but it will make a hole in your pocket, and all the money will go through it. Keep your home to a minimum, and try not to use unnecessary structural elements for beautification.

There is a thin line between being frugal and being stingy. It is okay to be frugal but you will have to live in your house for years to come. During the construction process, keeping your home comfortable should be your top priority, but it is important to look at your bottom line.

So, tell us; Have you made your house How did you maintain your budget?

Five Great Tips for Finding Your Ideal Home

House Hunting is just like any other shopping campaign. If you identify exactly what you want and do some research, identify the zoom on the house you want at the best price. These tips will guide you through the smart homebuying process.

Research Before You Look: List the characteristics that you want in a house and identify what are the requirements and which are additional. Identify three to four neighborhoods that you like to live on commute time, schools, entertainment, crime and price. Then hop on Kimberlite Homes to get a feel for the homes available in your price range in your favorite neighborhood. Use the results to prioritize your wants and needs so that you can add more weed qualities to the list you want to see.

Know Your Budget: You can’t buy a new house – or build one – without knowing what you can do. Talking to a mortgage broker or a lender in the bank can give you a better understanding of what you can do next. Knowing what you can do each month will help you know where you should live.

Get Your Finances in Order: Collect your financial records and meet with a lender to obtain a prequalification letter from which you are eligible to borrow. The lender does not necessarily consider the extra fees you pay. When you make a purchase or plan to start a family or buy a new car, shop in a price range that you are comfortable with. . In addition, making an offer on financing will make your bid less attractive to sellers.

Conduct Your Search: 
When you have the right resources in your favor, you can discover the ideal house more efficiently. If you are looking into specific areas, you can also ask family and friends to help you. When you get more help from your side, get success with your search!

Dig Deeper: If the house settles incorrectly and cracks occur, what improvements might you need to make? These are the costs that you have to consider on top of the mortgage and other costs of owning a home. You should dig into the costs and know that you have the right salary and monthly salary to cover all these costs.

Don’t be so swayed by a “wow” feature that you forget about other issues “like noise levels” that can have a big impact on your quality of life. Use your priority list to evaluate each property, remembering there’s no such thing as the perfect home. Visit for newly constructed homes in Victoria area. Visit us when you’re getting your home constructed. Call today at (361) 582-4663.

5 Tips for Building Your Custom Home

Without the right understanding and help, building a custom home can be a dizzying cycle. This is a tedious and heavy effort, however, with the right method, many routine issues and a strategic distance from the trap can be maintained. At Kimberlite Homes, we have a great deal of experience as custom home fashioners and manufacturers, we put an elite total of 5 signs to build your custom home is.

Home Builders in Victoria TX

1. Custom Home Building Tips:1. Work with the Right Builders: Handling the right custom developer is essential to the prosperity of your home enterprise. For best results, find a home developer who additionally participates in the plan. This will allow your home to arrive at its full planning potential, such as will help get your enterprise on the path to adaptability for consumption. A custom home architect and builder should know about the same area in which they are building.

2. Functionality Comes First: When structuring your custom home, make sure that utilitarian angles are in front of your brain. The stylish of the home can be customized to suit the format and highlights, so visual approaches do not have to reflect how the home’s potential suits your way of life. The additional room, traffic stream, room format, and working space are very important variables for planning your home.

3. Plan for the Future: Without forgetting about helping you in the present time and place, guarantee that the house will suit your future life. Providing additional space for future minimalists, a ground floor main room for reduced versatility, or some other future possibilities can keep your custom home largely useful for the time being.

4. Don’t Build on Wrong Land: In arranging your fantasy home, it is necessary to locate a viable property to expand. While it is unusual to find the ideal real estate parcel for your custom home, do not bounce over the primary plot on which you set eyes. Check your ideas with your custom home developer and make your contribution on whether the land and house structure are viable.

5. Good Custom Homes are Built on Trust: At this point when it boils down to completing your undertaking in the most feasible, productive and practical way, your custom home developer must have an abundance of experience and wins. Be confident that your builder will work to your greatest advantage and keep your home on target.

Kimberlite Homes can help more than just tips. Visit us when you are getting your house built.